List of Workshops

BN Dockyard has 27 workshops deals with onboard ship. Under the HULL, MECHANICAL, ELECTRICAL and ORDNANCE department and the workshops are:

Hull Department:
Plater and Welding Shop Carpentry and Boat Building Shop
Sail and Color Loft Shop Rigging Shop
Paint Shop  Life Raft Servicing Center(LRSC) 
Boat Workshop Ship Fitting Shop
Slipway Pressure Vessel Testing and Recharging Station
Mechanical Department:
Diesel Engine Shop Machine Shop
Fitting Shop Lagging Shop
Refrigeration and AC Shop Motor Transport (MT) Workshop
Foundry Shop
Electrical Department:
Heavy Electrical Shop Weapon Control, Gyro, and Sonar Control Shop
Calibration Centre Radio and Radar Shop
Battery and Electroplating Shop
Ordnance Department:
Gun Shop  Anit Submarine Weapons Shop