Commodore Superintendent Dockyard

Naval Armament Supply Depot (NASD)

The Naval Armament Supply Officer is who responsible for the organization, administration, and smooth functioning of the Depot is Headed by the Naval Armament Supply Depot. His duties include the following:

  • Control and supervision all works allotted to NASD both ashore and afloat.
  • Implementation of schemes of emergency notified by DNAIS or other authorities.
  • Armament of alternatives due local conditions to comply NHQ order, safeguarding objective of the order.
  • Efficient planning and supervision of all NASD work both ashore and afloat.
  • Ensure proper safeguard and stowage of all stores.
  • Ensure correct use and maintenance of test equipments and plant.
  • Ensure adequate precaution to minimize risk of fire and damage.
  • Regular inspection, modification and repair of N A store and armament of ships and establishment.
  • Training for members of NASD.


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