Commodore Superintendent Dockyard

General Manager (Yard Services)

The GM(YS) is responsible for the organisation, administration and supervision of the Yard Services Department, and he is responsible for following:

  • Maintenance and operation of Dockyard cranes (except those of BNFD SUNDARBAN, BNFC BALABAN) and other utility vehicles of Dockyard.
  • Maintenance and operation of all portable air compressors, electric generators, air conditioning plants, etc.
  • Power generation and distribution within the Dockyard (when facility grows).
  • Shore supply facilities to ships, viz power compressed air, water brows, catamarans, etc.
  • Maintenance of all yard machinery.
  • Yard development plans (civil works) in consultation with AGE (N) Project. BN DOCKYARD.
  • Installation of machinery within the Dockyard area.
  • Liaison between GE (N) Chittagong and other Deferant Authorities.
  • Maintenance of all pontoons, buoys, catamarans, browse. On his charge and maintenance of bailey bridge including hard standing through GE(N) Chittagong.
  • Survey, demand and accounting of spares, materials, POL to keep all Yard machinery operational.

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