Commodore Superintendent Dockyard

General Manager (Personnel Administration)   

General Manager (Personnel Administration) is responsible for general administration of all civilian personnel of the BN Dockyard and its allied units. He performs the following tasks:

  • Processing promotion cases of all civilian non gazetted employees working under the CSD Organisation and send recommendations to the NHQ for approval.
  • Appointment and promotion of ETE labourers on the basis of results of trade test/recruitment.
  • Sending pay proforma of all Non-gazetted employees to the SFC(N) for approval.
  • Sending recommendations to the NHQ about cases relating to permanent transfer from the CSD Organisation. He will sort out internal transfer cases in consultation with concerned Managers.
  • Maintenance of records of leave and service documents of all civilian non-gazetted employees of CSD Organisation.
  • Dealing with annual pay increment, deduction of subscription of GP fund, grand of house building, motor car, cycle and other advance and their recovery/deductions.
  • Claim pay and allowance of civilian employees and disburse the same, maintain accounts of related government funds, claim and disburse TA/DA allowance, settle audit objections and forwarded necessary documents related to civilian employees to SFC(N).
  • Action as Drawing and Disbursement Officer.
  • Processing cases relating to release, retirement, resignation of civilian personnel and forwarded the same to the NHQ for decisions/actions. He is also to take action for quick settlement of pension cases including fixation of pension allowance of civilian personnel.
  • Anticipating the requirement of additional ETE laborers for the CSD Organisation and send such proposal to the NHQ.
  • Preparation and rendition of ACR of civilian employees to the NHQ in time.
  • Dealing with cases regarding major punishment and forwarded the same to the NHQ for decision. He will award minor punishment to civilian employees as per authorization.
  • Taking necessary actions on welfare matters including allotment of accommodations of civilian employees on the basis of recommendation of a 'Welfare Committee'. He is also to under take welfare schemes and activities including health, safety measures and canteen goods.
  • Providing NHQ necessary information regarding civilian employees for issuing CE list. He will issue CE list of all ETE labourers.
  • To co-ordinate with concerned departments/organisations for all matters relating to civilian employees.
  • To grand leave to civilian employees with recommendations from concerned Managers/OIC's.
  • To update himself with the latest instructions issued by the NHQ regarding administration of civilian personnel.
  • Operation of Dockyard Civilian Apprentice Training Scheme and its management (when established).
  • Administration of Dockyard Worker's Canteen and Dockyard Auditorium.

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