Commodore Superintendent Dockyard


After 1971 we inherited only a tiny base workshop which was located outside of the premises of BN Dockyard. The need for a strong repair facility was immediately felt with the gradual expansion of Bangladesh Navy particularly after BN had acquired ex-British frigates in 1976. When these frigates were sent to Singapore for repair and refit, it was found to be very expensive. Thereafter, the Nava Headquarters felt the necessity of a full fledged dockyard. The Expansion of yard repair facilities, then continued, at a steady pace.

Purchase of a floating dock in 1980 was a major milestone for BN Dockyard as it met the docking requirement of all major BN ships. Consequently in 01 March 1988 BN DOCKYARD was commissioned.

BN Dockyard has now come a long way to be able to support the growing BN fleet of about 172 ships varying of years of service and diversified equipment, machinery and weapons.

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