Commodore Superintendent Dockyard

Commanding Officer, BN DOCKYARD

The Commanding Officer, BN DOCKYARD is responsible for the administration, organisation, and discipline of all Naval Service Personnel of CSD Organisation except those of BNFD SUNDARBAN. His duties include the following:

  • Efficient administration of service personnel of BN DOCKYARD Including BNFC BALABAN.
  • Maintaining and supervising pay and allowance of service officer and personnel.
  • Ensure upkeep and general standard of maintenance of BN DOCKYARD.
  • Ensure security of men and material BN DOCKYARD.
  • Render logistic support to CSD Organisation and its attached ship/craft.
  • Co-ordination with other establishment and Flotilla for general service matters including passive Defence and ceremonials.
  • Ensure availability of clothing items to all service personnel of BN DOCKYARD, BNFD SUNDARBAN and BNFC BALABAN.
  • Ensure victualling provision for the personnel in including those of BNFD SUNDARBAN and BNFC BALABAN.
  • Ensure the habitability and hygienic condition of BN DOCKYARD including BNFC BALABAN.
  • Ensure medical coverage for Dockyard personnel.
  • Ensure proper administration of MT Pool.

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