List of Workshops

BN Dockyard has 24 workshops deals with onboard ship. Under the HULL, MECHANICAL, ELECTRICAL and ORDNANCE department and the workshops are:

Hull Department:
Plater and Welding Shop Carpentry and Boat Building Shop
Sail and Color Loft Shop Rigging Shop
Paint Shop  Life Raft Servicing Center(LRSC) 
Boat Workshop Ship Fitting Shop
Mechanical Department:
Diesel Engine Shop Machine Shop
Fitting Shop Lagging Shop
Refrigeration and AC Shop Motor Transport (MT) Workshop
Foundry Shop Submarine Workshop
Electrical Department:
Heavy Electrical Shop Weapon Control, Gyro, and Sonar Control Shop
Calibration Centre Radio and Radar Shop
Battery and Electroplating Shop
Ordnance Department:
Gun Shop  Anit Submarine Weapons Shop