Functions of Dockyard

The functions of Dockyard are:

  • Scheduled refits including dry-docking of BN ships, crafts, vessels, boats, pontoons and Coast Guard vessels.
  • Hull repair, equipment and machinery repair/overhaul including testing.
  • Alterations, Additions and modifications to replace old equipment with new one.
  • Fabrication and manufacturing of equipment, parts and spares.
  • Construction of small ship, craft, pontoon, etc.
  • Provide berths & shore facilities to BN Ships.
  • Design work involving studies, investigations, preparations of plans and material specifications as directed by NHQ.
  • Anticipates the requirement of materials, stores and equipment for the refit ships and crafts in such a manner that the orders can be placed and the stores are available before the refit commence.
  • Provide accommodation of personnel of ships under refit, smaller craft and others in the Dockyard barracks.
  • Training and recruitment of workmen and apprentices.
  • Provide supply, repair and maintenance of naval armaments.