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Date: 24-Oct-2019
The Ambassador of Netherlands H.E. Mr. Harry Verwelj visited CSD Organisation on 24 October 2019. He called on Commodore Superintendent Dockyard at his office. He was accompanied by the Sr. Advisor for Economic Affairs Ms. Monnujan Khanam. He also visited the office of Thales located at Gun Shop.
Date: 22-Sep-2019
The annual inspection of BN Dockyard was held on 22 Sep 2019. Commodore Superintendent Dockyard reviewed the parade at Dockyard Parade Ground at 0830 where all officers, sailors and selected civilian personnel were present. He also inspected a number of offices, messes and workshops on the same day. On the following day at 1300, the general evaluation took place at Dockyard Parade Ground with lively participation of all members of CSD organisation.
Date: 15-Aug-2019
The 44th National Mourning Day was observed in Dockyard in a befitting manner. A documentary film shows titled 'Chironjib Bangabandhu' and 'Sonali Dingulu' were screened at Dockyard Recreation Hall to commemorate the day. A special munjat was offered after Johr prayer at Flotilla and Dockyard Mosque for seeking eternal peace for the departed souls of the August 15 carnage. All members of CSD Organisation were present on that occasion.
Date: 12-Aug-2019
The Eid-ul-Adha was celebrated on 12 Aug 2019. The Eid congregation was held at ISSA Khan and Flotilla & Dockyard Mosques at 0730 hrs where all Officers, Sailors and Civilians were present. CSD exchanged Eid greetings with personnel on duty at the Dockyard Guardroom. Later he along with all his senior staff exchanged Eid greetings with members of CSD organisation and allied offices at the Dockyard Recreation Hall. After this, they exchanged Eid greetings with personnel from ships under refit.
Date: 24-Jun-2019
The Commodore Superintendent Dockyard inaugurated the Tree Plantation Campaign- 2019 at BN Dockyard on 24 June 2019. He planted a seedling of Amropali at Dockyard Football Ground. After the plantation, a special prayer was offered to Almighty Allah for the well-being of all the members of Bangladesh Navy, and the success of the plantation campaign.