Organization : Naval Armament Supply Depot

The Naval Armament Supply Officer is responsible for the organization, administration, and smooth functioning of Naval Armament Supply Depot. His duties include the followings:

  • Control and supervision all works allotted to NASD both ashore and afloat.
  • Implementation of schemes of emergency notified by DNAIS or other authorities.
  • Armament of alternatives due local conditions to comply NHQ order, safeguarding objective of the order.
  • Efficient planning and supervision of all NASD work both ashore and afloat.
  • Ensure proper safeguard and stowage of all stores.
  • Ensure correct use and maintenance of test equipments and plant.
  • Ensure adequate precaution to minimize risk of fire and damage.
  • Regular inspection, modification and repair of N A Store & Armament of ships and establishment.
  • Arrange adequate training for all members of NASD.