Message from CSD

Commodore Mohammad Moyeenul Haque, (E), NPP, nswc, psc, BN

It is indeed a great honour and pleasure for me to assume command of Commodore Superintendent Dockyard (CSD) organisation on 23 Feb 2017. This is not only the prime maintenance and repair organisation of Bangladesh Navy, but can also boast to be the finest of its kind in the whole country. The path leading to such extraordinary feat had been long and arduous and required relentless effort by many women and men both uniformed and in civvies. With great sense of gratitude I so sincerely acknowledge the contribution of all my predecessors. I hope to advance on the trend set by them so that the CSD organisation can truly and effectively serve the navy and her fleet that is becoming increasingly high tech with a concurrent demand for increasingly more sophisticated technical support.

Our mission in simple words is to fulfil repair, maintenance and future technology needs of BN. But state of the art technology now is a roller coaster ride with frequent obsolescence of machinery, and rapid transition to new weapons, sensors, equipment and systems in a fleet composed of ships where some are over four decades old while others are very young. Thus the challenges we face at work are diverse and at times complicated to the possible full extent.

With the current ongoing expansion of the navy, especially with stepping into all three possible dimensions, the scenario has become even more challenging for the CSD organisation. The challenge is tough but so it has always been, and the CSD organisation was never overwhelmed. We have a pool of highly skilled women and men, and a range of suitable capabilities. We shall so inshallah keep doing what we do best: keep the fleet fit for action at sea.

 I wish all my personnel fair winds and following seas for such patriotic endeavours. And may the almighty Allah help us in fulfilling our mission and make that easy for us.