Message from CSD

Commodore Humayun Kallol, (L), NUP, ndu, psc, BN

It is indeed a great pleasure for me to assume command of Commodore Superintendent Dockyard (CSD) organisation on 23 April 2019. This is not only the prime repair and maintenance organisation of Bangladesh Navy, but can also boast to be the finest of its kind in the whole country. The path leading to such extraordinary feat had been long and arduous and required relentless effort by many women and men both uniformed and in civvies. I sincerely acknowledge the contributions of all my predecessors with a great sense of gratitude. I hope to advance on the trend set by them so that the CSD organisation can truly and effectively serve the navy and her fleet that is becoming increasingly high tech with a concurrent demand for increasingly more sophisticated technical support.

If one were to go back in time, it is not that far back when BN Dockyard started its journey with few small workshops to deal with simple repair and maintenance of internal combustion engines for BN Ships in the mid 70's. But soon it was realized that a proficient yard is the corner stone of maintaining a strong and versatile navy, capable of undertaking missions of the modern days. Since then, BN Dockyard has been put on test of its professional competence every time incorporating platforms of diversified origins fitted with the state of the art technology. We make continuous endeavours individually and collectively to develop our capabilities to deliver efficient and effective maintenance to BN fleet.

Our mission is to ensure maximum operational availability of BN fleet by repair and maintenance and contribute in technology advancement to keep pace with modernisation of BN ships/crafts. Due to the rapid change of technology, transitions are taking place in weapons, sensors, equipment and systems fitted on board ship but on the contrary, the old aged equipment also exist. So, the challenges faced by BN Dockyard are diverse and complicated.

With the current ongoing expansion of the navy, especially stepping into all three possible dimensions, the scenario has become even more challenging for the CSD organisation. The challenge is tough but so it has always been, and the CSD organisation was never overwhelmed. We face the challenges with a pool of highly skilled and capable personnel.

I wish all my personnel fair winds and following seas for such patriotic endeavours and may Almighty Allah help us in fulfilling our mission and make that easy for us.