Organization: Production Manager

Production Department
Manager Production has Deputy Managers,Ship Repair Superintendent(SRS)under him to assist in his day to day activities . OIC's work directly under Deputy Managers and SRS.     

Deputy Manager Production (Hull and Miscellaneous).

  • OIC Plater & Welding Shop
  • OIC Ship Fitting Shop
  • OIC Carpentry and Boat building Shop
  • OIC Sail & Colour loft, Rigging and Life Raft Servicing Centre.
  • OIC Paint shop.

Deputy Manager Production (Mechanical)

  •  OIC Machine Shop
  •   OIC ICE Shop (Diesel Engine Shop)
  •   OIC Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Shop.
  •   OIC Fitting Shop.
  •   OIC Lagging Shop.
  •   OIC Foundry, Smithy & Heat treatment Shop.
  •   OIC MT Workshop.

Deputy Manager Production (Weapon and Electrical)

  •   OIC Heavy Electrical Workshop.
  •   OIC Battery and Electroplating shop.
  •   OIC Radar & Radio Shop.
  •   OIC Weapon Control, Gyro, Echo Sounder and SONAR Shop.
  •   OIC Calibration Centre.

Deputy Manager Production (Ordnance)   
  •  OIC Gun Workshop
  • OIC Anti-Submarine Weapons Workshop.

Ship Repair Superintendent(SRS)

  •  Ship Repair Officer(SRO) (Hull & Misc)
  • SRO (Mech)
  • SRO (W & L)
  • SRO (Ord)
  • Safety Officer